Bajaj Dominar - Strategy and digital service in the promotion of the new Bajaj motorcycle – Dominar 400


  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Websites and portals
  • Web & mobile design



Bajaj Auto Limited is the third motorcycle manufacturer in the world and a leader on the global tricycle market. It has three factories in India, in which the entire production of vehicles exported to 83 countries takes place. As KERRIS, we had the pleasure to promote the new series of Dominar 400 motorcycles. For this purpose, we used PPC channels and created a dedicated Landing Page, on which it was possible to arrange a test drive (lead generation) and win a Dominar 400 motorcycle in the receipt competition.

Activity type

Promotional campaign (PPC) for Dominar 400
Type of site promoted: dedicated Landing Page with contact forms
Date range: 04.2018 - 06.2018

Promotional goals

- Sales of new Bajaj motorcycles
- Collection of testimonials from test drives
- Acquiring entries in the receipt competition
- Raising awareness of the Bajaj brand among selected target groups
- Increasing the number of brand fans on Facebook

Types of ads

- Text ads - Google Ads (AdWords)
- Display (banner) and video ads on the Google Display Network (GDN), including remarketing
- Dedicated ads - Facebook Ads
- DoubleClick (Programmatic)
- Marketing Automation


Ad impressions

KPI: 32 606 717
Achieved: 35 701 353
% achieved KPI: 109,56%

Ad clicks

KPI: 78 805
Achieved: 79 554
% achieved KPI: 100,95%

Form submissions (lead generation)

KPI: -
Achieved: 1 284*
Conversion Rate: 1,614%

*Entries to the form were stopped after about two weeks because the Dominar 400 motorcycle dealers did not expect such a large number of applications generated from the promotional campaign.