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BNP Paribas Food&Agro wanted to create a platform that would meet the needs of modern farmers and processors. One place, where users will be able to find professional analyses and reports on the agro-food sector, as well as tools for precise agriculture that help optimize farm costs. At the same time, the platform was to be transparent, intuitive and aesthetic.


The project was carried out together with the WebTalk agency, which was responsible for developing an online and offline communication strategy, creating the name of the portal, its logotype and visual identification. We were trusted with the design and technical implementation of the website as well as its further development. To determine the needs of the client and the potential users of the portal, we began with UX workshops. Based on them, we established that on the one hand the portal is supposed to offer the agro-food sector quality materials and tools for everyday work, but on the other, it should also attract new customers. Following this lead, we distinguished two target groups - one was the current customers of the bank and the second – the potential customers. Given the specifics of the work of people belonging to both groups, the tool had to allow for quick necessary information finding and be adapted to mobile devices. Concerning all the guidelines - the portal's design primarily had to be functional.


We have created a platform using PWA (progressive web app) technology, which was a web application launched as a regular website, but creating the impression of a native mobile application. This solution provides more functionality (e.g. the site may be partially available off-line) and works better on new generation phones. The front-end was created based on React.js because it ensures fast operation of the web application and allows efficient component implementation. In turn, we programmed the back-end in Python, which enables quick functionality creation.

We have divided the platform into two parts. The first is publicly available and includes, among others Agroraport regarding relationships in the food industry, expert advice, food&agro analysis and articles. The second part is dedicated to the bank's clients and includes, for example, a farm management system or satellite field monitoring. We have designed the layout using colours from BNP Paribas visual identification, guided primarily by the principle that content is the most important value of the platform, and the visual layer is to help navigate the site.


Current and potential customers of the bank eagerly use the platform and their number in both groups is constantly growing. Our Client was satisfied with the results we achieved, and therefore they extended cooperation with us and now we are together developing the platform by adding further functionalities.