Lead Generation campaign


  • Strategy and concept
  • Web & mobile design


The project aimed to promote the 8th edition of the international classical music festival Crazy Days of Music: http://www.szalonednimuzyki.pl/. We were responsible for the promotion of the festival in media channels selected by us, i.e. Google Ads (AdWords) and Faceboo Adsk.

Type of activities

Promotional campaign (PPC) of the Crazy Days of Music festival
Type of site promoted: Event page with the option to purchase tickets in an external system
Date range: 08.2017 - 10.2017

Promotional goals

- Increasing the sales of tickets for concerts
- Raising awareness of the festival

Promotion channels

- Google Ads (AdWords)
- Facebook Ads

Types of ads

- Text ads - Google Ads (AdWords)
- Display ads (banner ads) on the Google Display Network (GDN), including remarketing
- Facebook Ads


The most popular channel to reach users were ads displayed as part of the Google Ads campaign. We strived to popularise the festival among non-standard audiences, as well as to reach people who know artists or the festival itself.

- We recorded 10,539 visits to the site.
- We achieved the result of 1945 clicks "Buy a ticket" from our advertising activities, which means that 18.46% of enters from the campaign resulted in interest in buying an event ticket.