Does performance marketing still work?

Scope of cooperation

  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Corporate identity
  • Advertising creative
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Internet advertising (SEM & programmatic)
  • Positioning websites and SEO audits
  • Internet analytics
  • Performance design

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Working with Honeywell started with the purchase of media and PPC advertisements on the Polish market. During our third year of working together we focus on building the awareness of the brand and Honeywell products, as well as acquiring sales leads, thanks to our wide experience in performance marketing.


Apart from PPC advertisements we create product landing pages for Honeywell, generating leads and dynamic banners which convert. We’ve also designed a landing page with the function of a calculator, which helps the clients to choose the products which are best for them.


Our advertising banners, with the A/B tests method applied, brought significant effects. That is why in time we’ve expanded our actions over Central and East Europe, providing constant support for Honeywell on 5 markets: Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Czech, and Hungarian. For many years now, Honeywell raises the comfort of life for their clients through products which stand out with innovative technologies, well thought-through solutions, and an elegant design. Performance marketing has proven to be a perfect sales tool, thanks to KERRIS’ experience, proper targeting parameters, and a valuable creations, which are the carriers of the Honeywell brand values.

Number of advertisement views: 5 190 379
Number of interactions (video views/site hits): 91 406
Interaction rate (% of people who have seen the advertisement and undertaken an action): 1,76%
Average cost of a video view: PLN 0.04
Average cost of a website hit: PLN 0.9