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Immergas has been providing consumers with the newest heating technologies for over 40 years - including boilers, heat pumps, solar panels or photovoltaic systems, which allow creating integrated and ecological heating systems in every home. In 2017, the company decided to create a new communication channel with its consumers – „” (English: I heat my house), the education and information portal on how to heat your home. Our task was to develop its concept, carry out the implementation and promotion, provide constant service as well as create and run a dedicated Facebook fanpage.


Creating the concept of the portal we had one goal: the website needed to easily answer the real needs and questions of the target group. Therefore, we conducted workshops with the client, during which we learned, among others what factors influence consumer purchasing decisions. We also got to know the sales and marketing plans of the brand. The next step was the analysis of websites and forums devoted to the subject of renovation and construction, where we found out which issues regarding home heating were interesting for the recipients and what questions were most often asked.


The name of the portal was an ideal starting point for further activities because the phrase "heating the house" was one of the combinations which were the most often entered by people planning to build or renovate the house. The resulting slogan both: guaranteed a high position in organic Google search results and perfectly reflected the content. The information published on the portal has been divided into 5 thematic categories, created based on workshops with the client and content analysis of websites and internet forums. These include: "Expert advice", "Choose heating system", "Finance", "Eco-friendly heating systems" and "Smog". Each of them has been given a different colour to make it easier for consumers to navigate, while the page layout was dominated by Immergas colours - white with red and grey elements.

The topics of the articles were developed according to our analysis of content sought by consumers. As part of the portal's promotion, we focused on SEO and Facebook fan page activities.


During the first ten months of the portal's operation, we recorded nearly 123,981 page views and 59,051 sessions. The portal was visited at that time by 42,840 users and we acquired over 3,360 engaged fans on Facebook. However, for us the greatest proof of the effectiveness of the activities was our clients satisfaction - Immergas has extended the contract with us and expanded the scope of implemented activities. Therefore, we have become responsible for comprehensive brand service, including: creative concepts, product campaigns, moderation of the Immergas fan page on Facebook and technical support.