Can wide reach be successfully achieved on YouTube?

Scope of cooperation

  • Development
  • Graphic design
  • Media planning
  • Media buying

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Informal Sounds is an incredible initiative within the scope of which Polish artists used YouTube to present their works, shot in various locations. The action has promoted Levi’s brand and our role was to support Aliganza PR which provided services for the brand and was responsible for the concept of the project. The action resulted in the creation of a kind of music festival, which internet users could follow only on YouTube. Our task was to create reach and promote the campaign.


We’ve created all of the video materials and information concerning the brand, as well as an internet platform on which we promoted the content provided by Aliganza. We’ve optimized the campaign in terms of promotional video views by reaching a certain target group.


Many well-known artists participated in the project, i.a. Mela Koteluk, Curly Heads, Natalia Przybysz, or Kasia Stankiewicz. Our actions brought measurable results, and the entire creation won the Kreatura 2015 award.

37 864 980
Number of advertisement views
400 530
Number of promotional clip views
Interaction rate (the ratio of clip views to action views)
PLN 0.05
Average cost of a clip view