How can we extend the business model of a company thanks to e-commerce activities?


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  • E-commerce solutions


The goal of our efforts with the modern JATOMI fitness club network has been to extend the possibilities of the online sale of tickets. We have built and implemented a special sales module on the JATOMI website. A mini shop allows for the easy online purchase of subscription packages, thanks to which the brand meets the needs of its active customers.


The challenge in the constructing a sales module was to effectively integrate it with the current website. JATOMI is a large network, operating in many cities. Consequently, it has been necessary to adjust its order form and price lists to suit a large number of variants. Our experience in the creation of e-commerce for different industries enabled us to provide the brand with an instinctive UX module and to guarantee the smoothness of the purchasing process. We have created a simple and intuitive e-commerce platform, designed in such a way as to make 90% of its content editable from the level of the content management system. Another interesting challenge was to implement recursive payments for several dozen dealers, and to automatically create the necessary documents authorising their holders to use the gym.


The project has successfully extended the company's business model.