How to create a brand and carry out a communication of premium investments?

Scope of cooperation

  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Creative concepts and activation plans
  • Corporate identity
  • Advertising creative
  • Web & mobile design
  • Company and corporate websites

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Metropolitan Partners developer, specializing in premium-class investments, has asked us for comprehensive support starting with creating a new name for the investment, up to developing a complete strategy for positioning the brand. The work included preparing all of the promotional and sales materials, basing on the created brand, as well as actions aimed at acquiring new clients. In terms of mutual work, we’ve also created an outdoor campaign and co-hosted various trade events during which the first apartments have been sold.

The origins of the investment’s name

Park Place is a modern location, planned considering people who search for relax and ease in the centre of the bustling Warsaw.
Park – relax, garden, ease, a place for urban meetings. A specially designed and well-thought location designed for leisure. Place – a special location, an apartment, an estate.

Park Place (similarly to Spire, Cosmopolitan, etc.) constitutes the name of many residential investments. Those most known are i.a. Thirty Park Place in New York. Thus, giving the investment such a name places it within a world-known quality.


One of the technological and conceptual challenges was designing the Park Place 3 website, in such a way so that the unique feeling of the investment could be felt already on the level of the site. In order to emphasize the low-key character and exclusiveness of the investment, only a selected number of people had access to the website during the first month. A special password for the website has been handed over to guests participating in closed trade events, in the form of a prestigious invitation. Park Place 3 is the first investment in Poland which introduced similar solutions as an element of the strategy for optimizing the brand.


The strategy resulted in an efficient optimizing of the brand and an effective AdWords campaign. More than 25% of the apartments have been sold within four months from the first multimedia presentation prepared by KERRIS. The investment is covered by our ongoing service. View the investment video!