How to easily explain the functioning of a hybrid engine?

Scope of cooperation

  • Creative concepts and activation plans
  • Corporate identity
  • Web and mobile apps

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We’ve supported the brand in promoting the new Lexus RCF model which includes an innovative hybrid engine. We’ve proposed to create a modern app using augmented reality, which quickly became a helpful tool for dealers at Lexus salons. We’ve divided the app into two modules. The first one allows the client to visualize a personalized model of the car, the second serves educational purposes – the flow of energy in hybrid cars and the functioning of the engine are presented on a semi-transparent 3D model. To achieve these results we’ve developed 3D models, the app’s design, and a well thought-through UX.

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We were responsible for the idea, design, and creating and implementing an app which uses augmented reality. To achieve it, we’ve used the Unity 3D technology. The app is constantly supported and developed by our programmers.


The app was positively received by the clients and dealers of the Lexus brand. It is constantly used by the client to explain the functioning of the hybrid engine included in the Lexus RCF in a simple and imaginative manner.