How to create an innovative promotion for the most valuable car brand in the industry?

Scope of cooperation

  • Creative concepts and activation plans
  • Corporate identity
  • Web and mobile apps


  • Vuforia
  • Unity 3d


Toyota is one of the leading car brands which wants to take advantage of the innovative methods to promote its products. In 2014, our mutual project was to create a Virtual Configurator – an app which would allow seeing the new Toyota Avensis model in augmented reality. We also took care of the graphic works, content, and promotional materials concerning the app.


Taking advantage of the Unity 3D and the Vuforia technologies, we’ve created an app which allowed clients to see the new car model, unavailable at Toyota salons at that moment, and to adjust it to their needs. We gave the clients a chance to select the rims, color, materials used on the inside, lighting type, and to look at the car in detail from every possible perspective.


Thanks to our app, the users were able to create their dream car by personalizing a model, still unavailable at that time, within the augmented reality.