How to sell premium products on the internet?

Scope of cooperation

  • 3+ years of cooperation period
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Advertising creative
  • Web & mobile design
  • Content marketing
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Internet advertising (SEM & programmatic)
  • Positioning websites and SEO audits
  • Internet analytics


  • Hot Jar
  • GA
  • Magento

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Porsche has searched for a partner who would develop a sales strategy for a collection of exclusive accessories. We were chosen due to many years of experience in building and running e-commerce businesses. The strategy proposed by KERRIS is a result of detailed analyses and talks with all Porsche dealers in Poland. We’ve based it on creating the Porsche Driver’s Selection online store - independent from the structure and the only official place on the internet offering the brand’s accessories.

The challenge was to develop a premium communication both accordant with Porsche’s values and accessible to all of the brand’s enthusiasts – also those who can’t yet afford a 911. In order to do so, we’ve selected an appropriate communication language, store colors, and graphic concept.

Working with Porsche we are comprehensively responsible for the strategy, technological implementation, acquiring clients, and the complete supervision in terms of graphics and content.


We’ve designed the store website with a clear architecture of information and an intuitive UX. As an effect of our strategy an appropriate technology was selected – the Magento system ensuring the necessary, fast functioning of the platform. A key decision and the biggest technological challenge was to create a multistore which may be managed by five different Porsche dealers. This solution ensured the integrity of communication and the possibility to promote each store separately. In terms of promotion, we took advantage of our experience in SEO, SEM, as well as social media channels.


The effects of our actions consist in the implementation of a well-thought internet sales strategy for premium products, the integration of all five Porsche dealers on the store level, and efficiently reaching motorsports fans interested in such products. All of the actions concerning the functioning and promotion of the store are covered by a 3 year cooperation period and our constant technological support.

An increase in the number of sessions concerning results from organic search engines at: 321,49%
An increase in the number of transactions concerning results from organic search engines at: 633,4%