What are the key actions for a start-up’s success?

Scope of cooperation

  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Corporate identity
  • Advertising creative
  • Web & mobile design
  • Content marketing
  • Internet portals
  • Web and mobile apps

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Our client wanted to introduce a start-up which could be used to order a cleaning person from a reliable base of professionals. The project quickly became an Uber for the cleaners. We were commissioned to build the brand from its beginning up to its implementation and maintenance.

We’ve started our works on the strategy by performing detailed research, which resulted in understanding the target group, and valuable insight. On that basis, we’ve created the corporate identity, initial advertising materials, and web design. Along with the development of the project, we began to work on the content and campaigns which attracted new clients and cleaners. We’ve also initiated actions within the scope of performance marketing which quickly brought results.


We are fully responsible for all of the technological solutions concerning Pozamiatane, and we’ve created the entire project in-house. We’ve built an internet platform and a mobile app, through which cleaning can be ordered. The well thought-through technological design results in that the site feels simple and intuitive for the user, and all of its functionalities are easily accessible.

Using the efficient Phalcon PHP framework, we’ve created a dedicated transactions system and a CRM system for managing the cleaner base and accepting orders via SMS, e-mail, or the platform. We’ve performed a complete integration with accounting systems, API, SMS, and we also implemented tools for marketing automation and user-tracking.


Solutions designed by KERRIS allow the client to easily and intuitively order the services of a reliable cleaning person, in just 60 seconds and then share his or her opinion with other users. Each year Pozamiatane reports an increase of clients and cleaners, expanding its services over consecutive Polish cities. It also enters the next investment round.