PPC campaign for "New Bike? New Romet" campaign


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Romet has launched a new series of MTB, Trekking and Cross bikes. The purpose of the campaign was to promote products and increase sale on the Polish market.
The campaign was titled "New Bike? New Romet". The claim refers to a tough decision of choosing a new bike, giving a simple answer – it must be Romet.

Type of activity

Promotional campaign (PPC) for the new series of Romet bikes
Type of the site promoted: Information website and receipt contest website
Date range: 29.03.2018 - 31.05.2018

Promotional goals

- Increasing the recognition of the new series of Romet bikes
- Increasing sale of Romet bicycles
- Increasing engagement in the receipt contest

Promotion channels

- Google Ads
- DoubleClick (Programmatic)
- Facebook Ads
- Ceneo & Allegro Ads

Types of ads

- Text ads – Google Ads (AdWords)
- Banner ads (Google AdWords, DoubleClick, Facebook Ads, Ceneo and Allegro)
- Video ads on Youtube and Facebook


The campaign has met all the objectives set with a substantial surplus to the KPI assumptions established with the client.
We have reached more than twice (207.11%) more recipients than we planned.
The cost of entering the site was cheaper than planned. Thanks to this, with the fixed budget, more users entered the site (113.29%).


Ad impressions

KPI: 29 865 525
Factual: 61 854 872
= 207,11%

Ad clicks

KPI: 170 791
Factual: 193 492
= 113,29%