How to create a modern website in just a month?

Scope of cooperation

  • Corporate identity
  • Web & mobile design
  • Company and corporate websites


  • Invision
  • Wordpress

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Working with Tar Heel Capital started indirectly by refreshing the corporate image of the Transsystem company – one of the companies in which the investor is engaged.

We’ve created a corporate website for Tar Heel Capital, which represents the modernity and western trends in designing similar sites. We’ve changed the corporate colors from orange to shades of blue because they better represent transparency and order which characterize the finance & investment industry. We were responsible for creating the graphic concept of the website and proposing an appropriate UX.

We’ve created a business presentation and a landing page for the newly created investment fund - Tar Heel Capital of Global Innovation, allowing the brand to develop its activity. We’ve also helped to carry out a professional photo session for all of the Tar Heel employees. The entire project, starting with the creative concept up to transferring the website to the client’s new domain, took us one month.


We were able to execute the project really fast, i.a. thanks to Invision. It is a tool used by our graphic designers – helpful for clients, project managers, and programmers. In Invision the client is able to see how will the final version of the website look like (including its UX), even before the programming, and to directly provide comments where needed. Whereas the programmer has an access to the entire graphic design with the information about every dimension, which significantly improves communication and the coding process.


Tar Heel Capital appreciated the high quality of our cooperation and the efficient communication, which resulted in following projects. We are currently preparing the next landing pages for the investor’s funds, as well as business presentations.