How to move whole team from Warsaw to Lisbon for 11 days? Check what were we doing in Lisbon

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On November 2nd, we changed the location of our office, moving it from Warsaw to Lisbon. Our goal was a realisation of the “Task: Lisbon” project.

“Task: Lisbon” was focused on moving the agency office together with 33 employees for 11 days to the capital of Portugal. During this time, the team performed standard duties, and additionally took part in Web Summit, “the best technology conference on the planet” according to Forbes magazine. In free time, our team watched the Champions League game, got to know the city, and learned about the local culture.

– The planned attendance at Web Summit has become an inspiration for us to move the entire team of our agency to the heart of Portugal during the conference. Lisbon will become our office for a week. We will work hard, educate ourselves, but also explore the city and have fun. We can do it because regardless of where we physically are, we are always in digital. On the one hand, this project is a thank you to employees for their commitment to the development of the company, and on the other, an implementation of our agency standards, including, among others, concern for team members and investing in their development – commented Ignacy Bochiński, partner of KERRIS Group.