Scope of cooperation

  • Corporate identity
  • Web & mobile design
  • Company and corporate websites

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In connection with the investment of the Tar Heel Capital fund in Transsytem, our task was to refresh the image of the brand, which meant logo lifting , creating a new website and developing BTL materials.


We have designed the logo in a way that refers to Transsytem's 25-year tradition. In BTL materials, we focused on a simple design that allowed us to highlight information visible on them. We have also created a simple and intuitive website with a new information structure and an interactive map that graphically presents Transsytem's realizations around the world. We have designed it so that 90% of the content can be edited from the level of the content management system (CMS). In turn, thanks to the use of the RWD technique, its appearance and layout automatically adapt to the size of the browser window in which it is displayed.


Partner cooperation and the solutions we provided have resulted in a new project, this time for Tar Heel Capital, during which we were responsible for creating the website of the investment fund.