Scope of cooperation

  • Strategy
  • PR
  • Development
  • Content
  • Media buying
  • Influencer marketing
  • Event


On September 2015 fell the first anniversary of the UBER brand entering the Polish market. The company wanted its first birthday to be widely heard in the media and among customers, as well as to use it as the occasion to attract new clients. Therefore, we were supposed to create a catchy and coherent concept, turn it into event marketing, digital and PR activities and plan media purchases.


We decided to reverse the traditional birthday custom and cast UBER as the giver, who would resign from typical birthday gifts and give special presents - truly unique experiences. However, we did not want to reveal all the details right away - we wanted to build up tension and an air of expectancy of something special. And definitely - there was something to wait for.


The action took place under the #UberDRIVEPL claim. We combined two strong competences of our two clients - UBER, the creator of the mobile application that is used to order car transport services, and Betsafe, one of the more energizing iGaming companies known from Betsafe Team.

The action was preceded by a 10-second teaser, which presented sports cars provided by Team Betsafe and one of their ambassadors - Juras. The film could be viewed on the landing page, which was created for the needs of the project. We also put a counter on it, counting down the time until the start of the action – but to build up the tension we didn't reveal what it was about until the countdown ended. When the counter struck 00:00:00 everything became clear. Super-fast sports cars, such as thousand-horse Audi RS6 Sportmile, Bentley Continental GT or Ferrari Italia, hit the streets of three Polish cities and the users of the UBER app could ride in them for free. What is more, for every UBER customer who had registered and played Betsafe, an additional bonus of PLN 40 was waiting for subsequent journeys. As part of our activities, we ran a banner campaign as well as in-display and in-stream promotions for YouTube videos. We engaged influencers in the action - Maffashion reported her ride in the Bentley on Instagram and Snapchat, and Dawid Woliński reported his ride in Ferrari on Facebook. #UberDRIVEPL was also supported by Betsafe ambassadors: Artur Boruc, Robert Burneika and Łukasz „Juras” Jurkowski.


The action's landing page was visited by 13,430 unique users, we recorded 2,911,281 views of all videos, 165,859 views of the UBER fan page on Facebook and over 40,000 interactions on the web. During 8 hours, we completed over 100 trips, and over 60,000 users of UBER app tried to order a ride. UBER and Betsafe also gained new customers. How many? We can't reveal it. What we can only say is that to this day the employees of both companies remember this action. To sum up: we did make some noise!