How can we reach cooks, chefs and restaurant owners with a content portal?


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After having won a tender organised by ZT Kruszwica, the largest manufacturer of vegetable fat in Poland, we created and ran a new catering portal -, addressed to cooks, chefs and restaurant owners. It was a long-awaited response to the needs of specialists, and one that today aids them in their expertise related to working with fats. is an interactive and ever developing encyclopaedia for professionals. It comprises several sections, each of which covers a different field of expertise.
The mission of the portal is to support professional cooks in their work by providing them with advice regarding the effective use of one of the most important products in catering - culinary fats. These to a large extent determine the quality and taste of the finished product, but they also influence the financial aspects - the cost of the food and the effectiveness of work in every professional kitchen. stands out from other catering portals thanks to its educational mission and the high quality of its published materials, prepared in cooperation with experts and recognised chefs.


The portal is characterised by a modern graphic design and maximally user-friendly nature, designed to meet the needs of its users.


During the portal's first year of operation, we gained:
110 thousand views and nearly 80 thousand sessions,
more than 230 posts published on the portal,
nearly 4 thousand fans engaged on Facebook,
more than 500 valuable leads,
thanks to the successful first year, we prolonged the term of our contract.

Type of activities

Positioning of the website
The type of website positioned: Content portal (
Date range: 11.2017 - currently

The goals of cooperation

- Increased visibility of the content portal and building brand awareness
- Promotion of the Kruszwica brand and products
- Promotion of new products using contests (landing page + Facebook promotion)
- Increasing the monthly number of visitors (and sessions) from organic traffic (SEO) on the site
- Increasing the number of phrases to which the site appears in Google search results

Range of activities

1. Comprehensive SEO service of the portal:
- SEO audit,
- developing a list of phrases with potential,
- guidelines for publishing content on the portal,
- external linking (including the publication of content marketing texts in independent websites).

2. Facebook Ads (promotion of posts, promotion of competitions).

3. Content, graphic (performance) design and development - creating the entire content marketing platform and creating Landing Pages for the needs of the lead generation campaign.

4. Constant content service of the portal (both website and social media).


1. Positioning (SEO)
The number of phrases on Top 50 positions:
November 2017: 169
May 2018: 1047
The number of phrases on Top 10 positions:
November 2017: 7
May 2018: 148
Increase in the total number of phrases on Top 10 positions: 2 115%

The number of free traffic sessions:
November 2017: 741
May 2018: 5,200
An increase in the number of sessions from organic search engine results by 701.76%
An increase in the number of sessions from the organic search engine results in the Kruszwica's products by 264.29%

2. Facebook Ads
Posts views: 1 611 352
The reach of posts: 360 258
Users' activity regarding posts: 204 172
Post display to activity rate: 56.67%