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In 2017, ZT Kruszwica was the undisputed leader in the oils and fries category in terms of quality, although its prices were only 10% higher than market alternatives. At the same time the company, unlike its competitors, was very active in the communication field. However, this did not translate into the company's market position or brand strength. Therefore, it decided to put more emphasis on communication with the target group (HoReCa) in digital channels. Our agency has been selected in the tender to implement those activities. Their marketing goals were:
- to generate sales leads,
- to build the image of the Kruszwica brand as a leader in the frying fats segment,
- to increase Kruszwica’s brand recognition,
- to educate the market about the impact that fats have on how a dish tastes.


Our market diagnostics revealed that:
- there was significant price pressure in that sector,
- the annual income of 60% of gastronomic facilities does not exceed 100,000 PLN;
- only 3% of a food budget (25 product categories) is intended for frying fats category;
- most restaurant owners and chefs believe that oil is just an oil, and frying fat is just a frying fat (without much impact on the final result), and they are driven mostly by keeping food costs as low as possible;
- the vast majority of purchasing decision-makers view themselves as experts and do not believe that the quality of the oils and frying fats they use has any impact on the success of their business.

Kruszwica on the other hand was focused on offering and communicating premium quality. We didn’t want to stop emphasising this attribute but we knew that we needed to explain to the target group exactly why it was such a big plus point. Therefore, the goals of the content portal, dedicated to the HoReCa industry, have become education and readers’ support.


We have created a website to which the content is being prepared by industry specialists and experts, dedicated to professionals - chefs, cooks and restaurateurs. It consists of several sections: in "Above the pan" readers will find interesting facts and inspirations from the gastronomy world and in "Fry it" - professional advice on frying techniques. The "Portion of knowledge" is a compendium dedicated to the main topic of the portal – fats and the "Events" section is an overview of the most important industry events. We have “closed” the whole thing in a simple and transparent layout, which colors are consistent with the visual identification of the brand. We've also created dedicated channels on Facebook and YouTube. We have implemented SEO and started conducting activities aimed at building its position.

Then we have been promoting using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, media partnerships with gastronomic websites and competitions.


Since its launch recorded nearly half a million views reaching over 300,000 unique users from the strict target group: chefs, cooks and restaurateurs. The fanpage has gained over 8,260 fans. Every month, the website's fan page reaches nearly 100,000 users. is also a source of B2B leads.

As a result, Kruszwica assumed the postion of category leader, which supports restaurant owners and chefs with its know-how in two key areas:
- food cost optimization (price vs efficiency of products),
- effect optimization (education about the significant impact of fats on the final).

The portal has become a knowledge center for restaurant owners, cooks and chefs (the highest level of visits from all foodservice portals).

In the short term, we increased sales by strongly emphasizing the efficiency argument, which helped to “justify the higher pricing policy”. In the long term we generated growth through expert education on the impact of fats on the final taste result. Decision-makers wanting to achieve the best taste of the dishes and thus - sales increase, became “less sensitive” to higher-priced products.

This way, we have concentrate the budget on actions and arguments that have the greatest impact on business results.